Simple Self Storage Hacks Anybody Can Use

27 December 2018
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When you rent self storage, it's natural to want to make the most of every inch. Although it's possible to do so, approaching your mission in the wrong way can lead to broken goods. Fortunately, there are some simple storage unit hacks you can employ to minimise damage.

Use vacuum packs

Vacuum pack bags aren't just for storing things under your bed or at the bottom of your wardrobe. When you're temporarily storing clothes and textiles you simply can't part with, they come in handy. Always make sure you raise the packs on crates when placing them in your unit. Not doing so could result in damage if water seeps in.

Return items to their flatpack state

If the furniture in your house began life in a flatpack, let it exist that way in your unit. Although breaking your furniture down can feel cumbersome, it's a must-do if you're going to take a savvy approach to saving space. While you may feel as though you can simply fill the gaps to make the most of your unit, this is an inefficient way to use it. If you can no longer find the original tools or instructions, purchase some Allen keys and invest in ziplock bags so you know where everything goes when you need to use the furniture again.

Plan your stacking logistics carefully

The chances are you'll need to stack some items in your unit. As you probably already know, placing heavier items at the bottom is the best way to prevent breakages. But, after that, where do you go from there? Consider how you can stack everything so it's unlikely to topple over at the slightest movement. And, if there are items you'll need to access frequently, make sure they're within easy reach. Avoid stacking anything that's breakable. Instead, dedicate a section of the unit to it.

Keep items in a usable state with appropriate storage accessories

If you're using your unit for a long time, you may want to store items in the same way that you would keep them at home. For example, books and magazines in cases and racks. Or, shoes in boxes and organisers. Doing this makes it less likely that your items will encounter damage from nearby heavy items. To keep them extra safe, use a desiccant to limit the presence of damp.

The secret to making the most of your self storage is careful planning. When you know what your approach to using your unit is, you'll get more out of it.