Creative Ways To Use Portable Storage Units

25 May 2022
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Portable on-demand storage containers are quite popular among modern homeowners. The units provide flexible storage space for homeowners renovating their homes or those that need permanent storage solutions. However, there are several creative ways to use the portable storage unit in your home. It helps improve the unit's functionality and ensures you get value for your money. Continue reading for some insights. 

Home Office 

It is pretty challenging to concentrate when working from home. In many cases, your kids, neighbours or spouse will distract you as you work. Your portable storage unit is the perfect place to work. Given that it is detached from your home, your family and friends will give you peace as you work. Below are several ways to convert a portable storage unit into a home office; 

  • If you still need some storage space, divide the unit into two. This way, you have some storage space and an office.
  • Create a comfortable working environment. For instance, you could install a window and climate control system.
  • Consider an office fit-out to give the office a professional appeal. For example, you could install a floor, your company logo on the walls and a large desk. 

Guest Room

Are you worried about your family's privacy when you have guests over? Would you want to make some extra income by sub-renting your home to tourists? Well, your portable storage container could serve as a living area. Typically, you need to make minor renovations such as installing lighting, a bathroom, and a kitchen. Consider open living since walls make the space look smaller than it is. You could also install outdoor features such as a deck or patio to increase the appeal and functionality of the unit. This way, your guests have an expansive living area and enjoy the outdoors. If possible, place the container in a scenic location. 

Emergency Capsule 

The COVID-19 pandemic has enlightened the world on the benefits of emergency preparation. At the onset of the pandemic, people were confined to their homes without access to basic supplies such as food, toiletries, clothing and medication. Your portable storage container could serve as an emergency capsule to provide supplies in case of an emergency or natural disaster. The rule is to retrofit the container to make it water and fire-resistant. It is a sure way to protect the supplies inside the container. Moreover, the container should have an independent power supply since it could also serve as an emergency shelter. 

Portable storage units can serve as a home office, guest room, or emergency capsule.