A Guide On 3PL Warehousing

13 September 2021
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When hiring a 3PL warehousing company, most businesses are often concerned about the company's pricing. It is especially so since most businesses hire 3PL companies to reduce their operational costs. However, they forget the most critical aspect of the relationship; the warehouses. If you intend to hire a 3PL to provide warehousing services to your business, the extract below offers some insights on how to examine warehousing services provided by the 3PL. Read More 

8 Situations in Which You Might Need to Hire a Storage Unit

26 January 2021
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Storage units can come in handy in numerous situations. The ability to store objects and possessions somewhere other than your own home or office frees up valuable time and space. If you are wondering about the benefits of a storage unit, then consider the many situations in which they can come in handy. 1. Starting a business from home A home business requires equipment, stationery, furniture and stock. All of these things take up space. Read More 

Attributes You Should Consider When Picking an Outstanding Storage Unit

23 March 2020
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Most people today rely on storage units to store excess inventory, declutter their offices or homes or keep their items safe as they move or remodel a business. Each storage facility does its best to offer unique and attractive features to its clients, something that makes it challenging for customers to choose their service providers. The best way to know if a storage unit is the right fit is to recognise the attributes of an ideal storage facility. Read More 

Your Guide to Shipping Containers

29 October 2019
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So-called intermodal shipping has been around since the 1950s when a standard system for transporting items by sea, road and rail started to become the norm around the world. One of the key aspects of this was the introduction of the shipping container, something that could be picked up easily by cranes, stacked on top of other containers and placed on the back of trucks or railroad wagons. Of course, there have been plenty of developments with containerisation over the years but the principal design of the containers used in the system has not altered that much. Read More 

Ways to Keep Small Items Safe in Your Self-Storage Unit

27 December 2018
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While some people use storage units for large items only, you may need to place your entire life into one. From travelling around the world to moving in with a partner, lots of life events call for self-storage. If you're storing smaller items in yours, it's worth learning how to do so safely. Jewellery One of the biggest challenges you'll face when storing jewellery is preventing tangles in the chains. When deep tangles set in, there's always a risk you'll cause damage—which defeats the point of using a unit. Read More