Two situations in which it's a good idea to use the services of a self-storage facility

19 April 2018
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There are a number of situations in which the services of a self-storage facility can be extremely useful. Read on to find out more about these situations.

You are trying to sell your home

A lot of people who want to buy properties find it difficult to see beyond superficial issues; if for example, they view a house which has a lot of wonderful features but which is dirty and covered in clutter, they may decide not to buy it, despite the fact that it is actually a high-quality property.

As such, if you are trying to sell your home, it is very important to present it in the best possible light when you invite potential buyers to view it. In addition to ensuring that it is immaculately clean, you should also do your best to make sure that it is exceptionally tidy and free from any unnecessary clutter.

The latter is particularly important, as excess clutter can make even the most beautiful and spacious of properties look dingy, cramped and neglected.

However, it's not always easy to keep your clutter neatly stowed away; if you have a large family, it is almost impossible not to accumulate a wide variety of 'stuff'', some of which simply might not fit into the available storage space in your home.

In this situation, it would be wise to rent a unit in your town or city's self storage facility. This will provide you with a safe place to put any excess clutter whilst you are hosting viewings so that your home will look as neat, tidy and spacious as possible.

Whilst renting a unit of this kind will, of course, cost money, it could drastically increase the speed with which you sell your home. If you take this approach, you may only have to wait a month or two, rather than a year or more, for someone to make an offer.

You have a chronic mouse infestation in your home

Mice infestations can be incredibly difficult to resolve. These creatures tend to stay hidden in the areas of a house which are used least frequently (such as the loft and the basement) and only appear elsewhere when they are in search of food.

If you have had a mouse infestation in your home for a significant period of time and are no closer to resolving it, you might want to consider putting any items which you are currently storing in your loft or basement into a self storage unit.

The reason for this is as follows; any mice who are residing in these parts of your property could end up inflicting serious damage on the goods that you store in these areas.

Rodents of this kind have a tendency to chew through electrical wires and leave urine and droppings on any surfaces they walk over; as such, if you leave any kind of electrical devices, paperwork, clothing or photo albums in your loft or basement whilst your house is overrun with mice, there is a very real risk that these goods will end up damaged beyond repair.

Putting these items into a secure self storage facility until you have succeeded in completely eliminating the infestation is the best way to ensure that they do not sustain damage.