4 Considerations To Maximise Space In Your Storage Shed

25 April 2018
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It's easy to create a great deal of clutter no matter how hard you try not to, which is why storage sheds are a good addition to any home. But you need to store your items properly in order to maximise space within a limited area. Consider these tips:

Create Levels For Placing Items With Shelves

Add shelves and levels to the storage shed in order to make more space inside. This will allow you to place more items inside without taking up too much floor space. For example, lawn mowing equipment can take up a lot of space on the floor, but placing them on shelves will allow you to free up space for placing other items like bikes, helmets, boxes, gardening equipment and much more. This allows you to free up space in your garage, allowing you to park your car inside without any stress. The more items you have, the more shelves you can build. But make sure the shelves are strong enough to hold the weight of the items you intend to place on them.

Avoid Placing The Shed In Wet Areas Around Your Backyard

If you want to maximise space inside the storage shed, make sure you place it in a dry area. Any water on the ground will prevent you from placing items there, which will result in wasted space. Before you build the shed, make sure the ground is dry and away from your water tank, sprinkler system and the garden hose.

Design Your Door For Maximum Productivity

Shed doors must be created in a manner that aids productivity, so pay attention to the area where the storage shed will be placed. For example, if the shed is in a small space in the backyard, you may want to consider a sliding door. If the shed is small, you'll ideally want the door to open outwards and not inwards. If you have a large shed and have ride on mowers, then you will want the door to be big enough to drive the mowers through. Consider your personal circumstances when finalising the door design.

Keep The Shed Design Simple

Avoid too many angles and shapes when finalising the design for your storage shed because that makes it harder to place things inside. Simple shed designs will make it easier for you to place household items inside. Remember you are after functionality and not necessarily aesthetics when it comes to storage sheds in your backyard.