Packing for short term storage

7 May 2018
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Whether you're in the middle of moving house or just need somewhere to put your excess belongings for a while, short term storage is an easy way to keep clothes, furniture and other items safe until you need them. Preparing your items for a short term stay is much like packing them for long term storage, but there are a few extra points you'll want to consider while preparing. 

Plan your packing

Even if you're only going to be putting your belongings into storage for a short time, you may need to be able to access some of them. Separate your items into things you might need during the storage period and things you don't have to worry about. Pack things you might need in a suitcase or backpack and put them into your storage space last; if you need them, you'll be able to just grab them and go. 

Pack securely 

Proper packing is essential for getting your belongings into and out of their storage unit safely. The most important thing you can do is make sure you don't overload boxes. An over-full box can split, damaging its contents, but even if it doesn't it may be too heavy for you to carry. At the same time, you want to make sure the contents are securely packed, without room to slide around. To solve both problems, mix different types of items within a box. Pack heavier items like books or dishes first, then fill the rest of the box either with packing material or with lighter items like clothing or bedding. This mix will help you use space efficiently while still keeping your boxes light. 

Label clearly 

Even if you're only going to be keeping your belongings in storage for a short time, you can't assume that you'll remember which box is which. Label cardboard storage boxes clearly in permanent marker, writing down both what's in the box and where it should go when it's time to unpack. If you're going to be adding and removing items while your boxes are in storage, don't forget to update the labels. A spare marker near the entrance of your storage unit will come in handy here. 

Plan for unpacking

At the end of your items' stay in short term storage, you're going to remove them and transfer them, whether to your new home or to another final destination. A little extra thought when storing them can save time and effort when this time comes. Load your boxes into storage in reverse order, with the ones you'll want first nearest the entrance. Keep items that go together as close as you can to make them easier to find.