Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Food Warehousing Facilities

8 May 2018
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If you're looking into food warehousing, you may find yourself facing a litany of options in your locale. Before you pursue a contract, you need to ask a few simple questions. From the hire period your prospective provider can guarantee to whether they meet Australian standards, ensuring they tick a few boxes before handing over money will keep your goods safe.

Does the food warehousing facility meet my storage time requirements?

In some instances, you may need a food warehousing facility because your own space is undergoing restoration. As a result, you might need a short-term storage agreement.  

While many places provide short-term storage, others may focus on long-term only and charge a higher premium for briefer hire periods. Shop around for companies that specialise in short hire periods as much as longer ones before signing a contract.

Will you need a food distribution service?

Is there a chance you'll need a food distribution service? If so, check out whether the food warehousing company you're considering meets your requirements:

  • Do they provide packaging?
  • Will they go direct to retailers and grocers?
  • Is there an option for direct customer delivery?
  • Which geographical areas do they cover?

Additionally, you may want to consider whether the technologies the company uses will keep your food safe. For example, do you need to chill it to a certain level? Do your customers have preferences when it comes to packaging certain items away from each other? Create a list of your requirements and make sure you ask each question before approaching a distributor.

Does the food warehousing facility meet Australian standards?

Like many industries, food warehousing must meet Australian standards before you can consider it safe. When checking out each organisation's website, see if it maintains its Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). To maintain HACCP approval, it's necessary to perform annual reviews and comply with Australian legislation. When a company meets such standards, you reduce the likelihood of encountering spoiled goods.

What is the company's back up plans?

Like any organisation, those that store food can encounter power cuts. As such, even if they have stringent cooling facilities in place, you need to know that it has a generator that will safeguard your food and beverages. Similarly, check to ensure the company you choose uses quality inspectors to ensure all the food it stores meets your requirements.

Finding the right food storage facility isn't a process you should rush. Before choosing the right one for your business, ask the questions above and consider any other needs you might have.