Attributes You Should Consider When Picking an Outstanding Storage Unit

23 March 2020
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Most people today rely on storage units to store excess inventory, declutter their offices or homes or keep their items safe as they move or remodel a business. Each storage facility does its best to offer unique and attractive features to its clients, something that makes it challenging for customers to choose their service providers.

The best way to know if a storage unit is the right fit is to recognise the attributes of an ideal storage facility. Most people often focus on the price and forget about the other essential factors that determine the kind of service they'll get. This post will outline the qualities of a great storage unit, so consider them to make an informed choice.


As you keep your precious possessions in a storage unit, you want to ensure that you can access them at any time. For this reason, it's advisable to consider storage facilities in easily accessible areas. Such units may come at a higher cost, but they are better than those located far away. Moreover, you will spend more on transportation if you choose a storage unit that's situated farther.


Another aspect you should consider is the measures the storage company has put in place to secure the facility. No one wants to keep their belongings in a facility that doesn't prioritise security. So whether you are storing your personal or business items, be sure to look out for these amenities to ensure your items are safe:

  1. Ample lighting – all the outdoor and indoor areas of the facility must be well lit to protect renters and employees and discourage intruders from trying to access the facility at night.
  2. CCTV surveillance – intruders don't like getting into storage facilities that have 24-hour surveillance systems. This is because the cameras are strategically positioned to spot suspicious activities and notify the authorities.
  3. Door alarms – alarm systems alert the staff when someone tries to break in.
  4. Fence – a fenced parameter makes it difficult for intruders or unwanted visitors to access the facility.


The storage facility you choose should also have clean and pest-free units. As you inspect the units, be sure to look out for evidence of pest infestation, damaged roofs, water flow, flooding, mould or mildew growth and so on. The surrounding areas must also be clean and well maintained too. A storage company that cannot handle fundamental issues like cleanliness is incapable of taking care of your belongings for several months.